Welcome to our family blog! We will use this space to post updates as the birth of our first baby grows closer and closer. After he is born, we will post updates and lots of photos of our little Noah. Keep up with us as our family grows!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Bump Today

It's like a shelf.

38 Weeks- catch up

I have been MIA recently because, well frankly I am bad at blogging. Maybe when I have more things to share I will get better? Anyway, we are now at 38 weeks as of yesterday. That is 2 weeks until my due date, which I keep getting reminded really means nothing, and 8 days of work until my leave begins! It is getting really close!!

~How far along? 38 weeks
~Total weight gain? 22 lbs (lost a few, common in the last few weeks)
~How big is baby? the size of a watermelon
~Sleep? getting better which is really helpful
~How are you feeling physically? pretty good actually
~How are you feeling emotionally? ready but nervous
~Best moment of the week? first contractions! it wasn't pleasant but it means something is starting to happen
~Movement? lots. sometimes my bump is lopsided because you can really see where he is located now
~Cravings? banana bread. i have to make some asap
~Labor Signs? first contractions on sunday
~What I miss? being able to sit close to a table without bumping my bump
~What I look forward to? leave starts 1 week from friday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

36 weeks

Yesterday marked 36 weeks and less than 30 days left to go until our due date! Although, I keep hearing from my Dr. that my due date isn't magical, it at least gives us something to measure against. Speaking of measuring, I am still measuring on the small side of normal but somehow look and feel MUCH huger than before. I think the baby has shifted up into my ribs and it makes my belly look mammoth!

Another new issue: cankles. I looked at my feet today and almost fainted. I have never seen fatter feet in my whole life. I have propped some boxes under my desk to use as a makeshift ottoman in hopes it will help decrease the size and prevalence of my cankles.

With only 4 weeks to go until we are fully baked, I was finally able to finalize my maternity leave as well which is very exciting! I will be done working in the office on Friday December 9. That makes only 14 work days left because of the holiday next week. Everyone at work has been really great and accommodating which makes it easier to keep going. I think it will go very quickly.

~How far along? 36 weeks
~Total weight gain? 24 lbs
~How big is baby? the size of a honeydew melon
~Sleep? pretty terrible actually.
~How are you feeling physically? bigger and bigger everyday
~How are you feeling emotionally? ready.
~Best moment of the week? finalizing maternity leave
~Movement? tons. i think he is bruising my ribs.
~Cravings? cold chocolate milk
~Labor Signs? none really
~What I miss? seeing my ankle bones
~What I look forward to? having a mini break for Thanksgiving next week Wed-Sun.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nursery Progress-photo dump

The baby's room is looking pretty great these days! I just love going in there.

3d Ultrasound

We did a 3d ultrasound at week 33. It was our 3rd attempt to see our little guy's face. He had been decidedly uncooperative but we finally got to see some of him and his chubby cheeks! Here are some of the best photos.

35 weeks and a new blog!

Hi everyone! Welcome to our family blog! As my due date quickly approaches I wanted to put together a blog where we can easily update everyone on the baby and dump an obscene amount of photos so everyone can keep up with Noah as he grows and as he wears many cute outfits.

Today marks 35/35. 35 weeks along and 35 days left to go! It is kinda a big deal.

~How far along? 35 weeks
~Total weight gain? 19.5lbs
~How big is baby? the size of a honeydew melon
~Sleep? sometimes bad, sometimes worse.
~How are you feeling physically? large. very large.
~How are you feeling emotionally? pretty good, anxious for the big day.
~Best moment of the week? Driving with the carseat for the first time.
~Movement? tons. mostly rolling, stretching and squirming. It is getting cramped in there!
~Cravings? milk mostly
~Labor Signs? maybe some braxton hicks but that is it.
~What I miss? being able to bend over to pick something up.
~What I look forward to? my last day of work before leave coming up in a month!