Welcome to our family blog! We will use this space to post updates as the birth of our first baby grows closer and closer. After he is born, we will post updates and lots of photos of our little Noah. Keep up with us as our family grows!

Monday, August 27, 2012

8 months!

Sorry for the delay in our monthly "birthday" post! I have been either really busy or really lazy depending on the day.

So Noah is 8 months now! He is crawling SO FAST everywhere that he can get to before we grab him. He is pulling himself up on everything and anything and thinks it is amazing. He can also go from one point to another while standing as long as he can reach with his arms to support him. He is getting very very steady on those chubby little legs of his!

He still has 2 teeth but I am pretty sure more are coming soon. He is eating more and more real food and mushy food that I make for him. He also is starting to like to eat cut up fruit or just chew on things we are eating. The other day I was eating a plum and he was desperate to try it so I let him. He scrapped his tiny teeth over it for almost 20 minutes before he was "full" and my plum was covered in drool with a small channel carved out of the side.

Noah is also getting quite chatty. He "talks" all the time and is sometimes very insistant about whatever he is saying. It is really cute. He is obsessed with Jake right now and needs to be with his Daddy all the time. He also says "da" a lot so I feel like "dada" might be the first word one day coming up soon!

He is growing up so fast and has really developed a personality. He is head strong and silly. He loves to play peek-a-boo and really understands it now. He will stand up holding our ottoman and bend his knees to hide behind it then all of a sudden pop up and giggle. When I cover my face and ask "Where did Mommy go" he pulls my hands away and laughs. He also likes to be covered with a blanket to "hide". I ask "where's Noah?" and he pulls it off quite triumphantly with a huge grin. He is so smart :)

He is basically 21 and a half pounds of trouble and I can't believe that he is so big already!

I'm 8 months and I know it!

He carries everything in his mouth now!

So handsome!

Photoshoot out take! He decided to wrap himself in the prop.

Huge smiles!

Mommy and Noah

Bonus VIDEO!

Friday, August 17, 2012

End of the week fatigue

It was a long, cranky week for everyone. Noah got a little banged up at school trying to pull himself up on everything he can get to. I am sure it will happen a lot more now that he is mobile.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby Party!

Last weekend Noah got to hang out with some of his buddies from our December Mom's group! It was really fun watching him interact with others babies his age. It was really funny to watch him and the other boys crawl all over each other, fight over toys and get into trouble while the lone little girl in the group watched from a safe distance. Boys will be boys, even at 8 months old!

From left: Braydon, Trey, Adriana and Noah. Great friends!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vogue, Vogue

Our friend Marie has recently discovered a hidden talent- baby photography!! She took some amazing photos of Noah and I am so grateful to her for these beautiful images of my baby. He's my baby but he looks like a little man now!! Thank you Marie <3

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recently We... by Noah


We ate bagels and drank Snapple

Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding

We  looked preppy

We went to Ikea and sat in the display

We took a trip to the book store to sit in the AC and look snazzy

We stole Daddy's pillow

                       We played with all the toys in the bath

We got 2 teeth! (look closely!)