Welcome to our family blog! We will use this space to post updates as the birth of our first baby grows closer and closer. After he is born, we will post updates and lots of photos of our little Noah. Keep up with us as our family grows!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

9 Month Check Up

Today Noah had his 9 month check up! He charmed all of the nurses and admin people at the office as usual and also the baristas at Starbucks. He measured in at 28 inches, 21 lbs and 15 oz and with a head circumference of 44. He is pretty much normal and average in all percentiles. Above average in cuteness :)

He got the first part of his flu shot today which wasn't his favorite but he got over it quickly. He also had some blood drawn so the Dr. could check some levels, vitamin D, iron and lead. We want to make sure that he has enough vitamin D and iron and no lead. Who the heck knows what he eats while he is crawling around!

Here are some fun pics from the past week or so to celebrate a clean bill of health!

Noah loves his "vintage" toys. On the left is Noah and "Pokey Dog", Jake's favorite childhood toy. Pokey Dog used to be yellow but now 34 years later he is green and his legs have been reattached to hi body. On the right is Noah and "Rolly Racoon", a toy from when I was little that has made it's way through a dozen children in my family. He is now 30 and has no stripes on his tail. Great toys never die!

Noah and Jake took a long walk last weekend and took a picnic on the Esplanade. Here they are crossing over from Cambridge to Boston and having a drink in the grass.

Noah loves to be upside down!

This is my new favorite Noah outfit. Note the socks. Noah-Saurus!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

9 Months, Noah's First Game,Apple Picking and More!

Wow I have been a delinquent blogger! September is one of the busiest months around here, only beat out by October which is simply insane in the Gerber house. Add a baby to the crazy work schedule and you get a very tired mommy! I will try to do a catch up post and then post lots of pictures later this week of these super fun fall events!

First and foremost, Noah is 9 MONTHS OLD! I can't believe it. It is just not possible that 9 whole months have gone by! His 9 month Dr. appointment is this week so I will post his official stats then. He has grown for sure and has impeccable timing. He grew out of all his summer clothes just as summer was ending. His fall clothes are now all 12 month or 12-18 month depending on the brand. I am excited about his fall outfits :)

40 weeks 5 days inside and now 40 weeks 5 days outside!!

New stuff he is doing include eating cheerios (a LOT of cheerios), eating pasta, feeding himself with his hands, taking a few steps using his walker toy (still trying to get a good video of it!), making lots of sounds and being more successful at kitty chasing. I think he is trying to say "kitty" because he just started making a new sound recently that sounds like "ki ki" and he says it all the time. He sure loves the kitties!

Noah went to his very first Red Sox game this month. He had a really great time! He LOVED taking the train downtown and then sat very nicely in our laps watching the game. He ate cheerios and walked around Fenway with Jake. He didn't like when the crowd cheered loudly but luckily the Sox have been very terrible this year so there wasn't too much cheering going on! He looked so cute in his baseball gear!
Daddy and Noah going to the game!

Mommy and Noah dressed in Red Sox gear!

I love this train!

Meeting Wally the Green monster!

Fenway Park

Smallest Red Sox Fan

This past weekend Noah had a date with his friend Leona. Of course it was a chaperoned date with all parents being involved. The happy couple went apple picking! We all had a great time and Noah loved eating the apples as we walked around. He can sure get a lot of eating done with just 2 teeth!
Leona and Noah, a couple of good apples!

Family photo in the orchard

This apple is so yummy!

yum yum yum!

Getting really excited about pumpkins!

Getting to know each other on their date in the pumpkin patch!