Welcome to our family blog! We will use this space to post updates as the birth of our first baby grows closer and closer. After he is born, we will post updates and lots of photos of our little Noah. Keep up with us as our family grows!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

in the past month...

Things have been busy!! Lots of things have happened in the last month. I have been really really busy so things have fallen by the wayside with this blog. Here is a very picture heavy post!

First- We took Noah's 12 month photo! We also received Noah's very first school photo from when he was at daycare at the YMCA! It was taken in September so he was 9 months.

We had Christmas!

Noah started to walk around Christmas and now he is almost running!

Noah had his first "haircut" care of Marisa!

We had some fun times with cute super hero clothes, snow, Tiny Tot Playtime and Noah's first milkshake.

We went to the Boston Children's Museum and had a great great time!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Noah's Birthday Weekend!

Noah had his first birthday party last weekend! It was a Winter ONE-derland party and we decorated with snowflakes, penguins and polar bears. Not that Noah cared but I thought the decor turned out really great. He really loved the balloons, that was his favorite part. We had 18 adults and 5 children in our little house so it was crowded but everyone had a lot of fun. Noah played with his friends and had a great time ripping open gifts.

Mommy and Daddy gave Noah a Rody horse for his present. Rody was an absolute hit at the party, with all the kids playing with him. I had never heard of this toy until recently. It is an Italian toy that is a bouncy horse. It is made out of the same plastic as a yoga ball so it is very strong and bouncy. We plan on getting the attachment that makes it into a rocking horse down the road but right now Noah's feet don't even hit the ground!  Noah loves Rody and rides him like a little jockey. He holds Rody's ears and shakes back and forth while leaning down.

We also got to sing Noah Happy Birthday for the first time. It was a miracle I managed not to cry.

He then proceeded to eat icing off the candle and get angry when i took the candle away. He didn't nap the whole day so by the end of the party he was tired but I am sure he had a great great time. It was a very memorable 1st birthday party I think.

The next day, we all drove out to the Enchanted Village display to meet Santa! We went with my Mommy group. All of the other moms in the group were due in December 2011 as well so the babies are all within 1 month of each other or so. 6 moms, 6 babies and 3 dads all went on our outing to the Enchanted Village. We were quite a sight i am sure!

The Enchanted Village is an old animatronic display. I frankly think they are creepy as hell but it was fun anyway. Every few minutes it "snowed" and Noah really loved that. As soon as the foam started falling from the ceiling he got a goofy grin on his face and giggled up a storm. He loves snow, the cold and the wind. He is a winter baby through and through.

When we got to meet Santa, Noah was less than enthused about their encounter. I had to force him to let go of me and sit in Santa's lap. He wasn't happy.

He did better when I sat with Santa too.

After all the babies told Santa what they wanted for Christmas and cried in his face, we all went to lunch. I called ahead to the restaurant and they didn't sound excited when I asked for 6 high chairs and I thought they would pass out when baby after baby came through the door! But, miracle of miracles, there was not a single tear shed at lunch. The babies were amazing and had a fun time. It was a great day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


1 year ago today my whole world changed. This little boy is the most amazing person I have ever encountered. A longer more detailed post to come with lots more pictures but for now, here are 2 great photos from Noah's Cake Smash shoot with Marie.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Noah's 2nd but Kinda 1st Holiday Season!

It is the holiday season and even though technically Noah already had his first Christmas but really he was only one week old. Does that even count? This year will be totally different. TOTALLY.  And I am excited about it.

We took Noah to pick out our Christmas tree at a local farm. I found one I thought I liked so I was examining it and asked for Noah’s approval. He ignored me and grabbed the one next to him. We tried to show him the tree we were looking at and he kept reaching for the one he was fixated on. Upon further examination- he was right. The tree he liked was the perfect tree! Just tall enough, just full enough with no bald spots. It is a lovely tree! Good job buddy J

We had little photo shoot in front of our beautiful tree. Amazing photos by Marie Abdou! 

We have also started celebrating Hanukkah in our house. Noah has his own menorah from his Grandma G. Each night we light the adult menorah and then help Noah put a candle in his menorah. We have also been reading him books about Hanukkah.

Our book collection has also grown to include lots of Christmas books as well. My favorite is Dinosaur vs. Santa. Noah likes it too but he keeps trying to rip the pages so we have to be careful. He is into ripping things, whether it is book pages or wrapping paper or mail or Mommy’s magazines, it doesn't matter. I am looking forward to seeing how much fun he has opening presents. of course, the paper and the boxes will probably be more fun for him than the gifts!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11 Months- My Baby is almost a TODDLER!

I am a terrible blogger. Here is our update for November!

11 Months-
I cannot believe that this is the last month before we have a 1 year old! This boggles my mind. Noah is such a big boy now. He is learning new things so quickly and every day I am surprised. New things that he can do include waving, high fives, cruising on furniture with only 1 hand, making car and boat noises and a whole array of new babbles that we had never heard before like “wooooah!”
He also can purposefully ask to be read to and does this often. When he wants someone to read to him, he hands us the book and says “gook?” He loves books and gets very impatient about reading. We usually get 2 pages in before he shuts the book, climbs off our lap, gets another and yells “gook!” It is very very clear that he is communicating and has things to say. We are getting used to the things he says and does and usually understand what he wants. He mostly says D and G sounds. When he sees a dog he says duk. Close. He favorite sound is “da” so maybe Dada will get a title before Mama will.

Noah also got to visit with some friends this month. We got together with some moms and babies from my moms group. We had a great time in Boston Public Garden and 5 babies was a sight for everyone else to see.

Noah had his first thanksgiving this month! He was a bit overwhelmed and off schedule but had a great time visiting with Nanny and Poppy and Grandma G and Pop John. He like the food but it wasn’t anything new for him really. He is doing pretty well with eating food and we always try to give him what we are having for dinner so he has had all the thanksgiving staples before. He is also doing great with a sippy cup and carried one around all weekend, taking dramatic swigs of cider.

Upcoming festivities-
We are very excited about the milestones that are coming. We can’t wait to put up the Christmas tree and see what Noah does. We hope he doesn’t knock it down and plan on surrounding it with a gate. We want to let him play with the lights and dance to Christmas music.

Most exciting is Noah’s first birthday. I cannot believe my baby is going to be one. We will have a party for him and can’t wait for everyone to celebrate our little man with us. I will probably cry. I can’t believe the year has gone by so fast. We are in a completely different place this year than 1 year ago.

This week last year:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Catch of the Day: Halloween Costumes

Today's Special: 23 lbs New England Lobster. Feisty and Delicious. Market Price.