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Friday, February 24, 2012

That Nurse is Mean...

This week Noah went to the Dr. for his 2 month check up. After spending many days screaming at the top of his lungs for no reason at all, he behaved like a perfect angel for his Dr. She was very impressed. He is like a squeaky car that stops squeaking when you get to the shop...

Noah now weighs 12 lbs. 12 oz. and is 23.5 inches long. That means he has grown 1 lb. and 10 oz. and 1 whole inch in a month! He is in the average range for height and weight, evening out after being a very large baby. He was all smiles during the appointment until the end... time for shots!

He was given 1 oral vaccine and 3 shots. 1 of the shots was a combo of 4 vaccines so it could have been worse! As soon as the nurse stuck his first leg, he looked very confused and then proceeded to scream like I have never heard him scream before. It was a sad cry :( It was definitely different than his regular cries. After the mean nurse was done, I nursed him but it didn't make him feel much better.

When we got home Noah was already asleep and napped for a long while. When he finally woke up, he had a fever, a common side effect from vaccines. He had a fever on and off for almost 48 hours and was very sad the whole time. I could tell he didn't feel well and it really broke my heart. My poor baby :(

Luckily he feels much better now. Today he managed to poop all over at least 3 outfits (the day isn't over!), pee on both myself and his Nanny who is visiting. He was very happy most of the day and hung out with Nanny and Poppy and also tried out his bumbo seat. He is happily trying to eat his hand while he hangs out with his Daddy at the moment.

I am not looking forward to immunizations round 2 at the 4 month check up. It is sad for all of us but is very important for Noah's health so we will power through!

Sooooooo Big!

First time in the Bumbo! My baby is getting so big!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

while i was blogging...

This happened.

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2 months old!

Well someone has been lazy... and it wasn't Noah! Sorry for my blog negligence recently, I have my hands full with a 2 month old now! Look how much he has changed...

Noah is 2 months old today. I can hardly believe it! He smiling and laughing and "talking" up a storm. He loves to look at himself in his activity mat mirror and have heated debates with the Mirror Noah. He also is starting to imitate smiles and laughs when talking with his Daddy and me.

Another new thing is that Koa seems to have taken to him and decided that she is his kitty mom. Whenever Noah cries, she runs over to him and meows. If I am not right there, say Noah is on his mat and I am in the kitchen, Koa will run in the kitchen, jump on the counter and meow at me- "HEY! He is crying!!" She loves to sit right next to him when he is eating and snuggle gently against his side. Hemmingway however isn't quite there yet but he has been more tolerant of Noah's presence in the house. Baby steps...

Noah also had his first Super Bowl. It was an unfortunate game but at least he was cute!

He is so big now! Today in the Shaws, Noah was strapped to his Daddy's chest in his Sleepy Wrap and a guy who was looking at pickles asked how old he was. When Jake replied 2 months, the guy exclaimed "He is gonna be BIG!". ummmm thanks? I am not sure how to respond to that really but right now he is just the right size. The perfect size for cuddles :)

Next time: Noah's 2 month check up and first immunizations! 
Will Mommy cry? Probably...