Welcome to our family blog! We will use this space to post updates as the birth of our first baby grows closer and closer. After he is born, we will post updates and lots of photos of our little Noah. Keep up with us as our family grows!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

At the Dr. Impressing the Nurses

Noah had his 6 month appointment today! He flirted with all the nurses and giggled at everyone in the office. He is a big big boy, weighing in at 19 lbs and 5 oz and measuring at 27 and a quarter inches. That means he gained 13 oz and three quarters of an inch in 2 months. He was 85th percentile in weight, 75th in height and a whopping 95th in head circumference! Don't have to tell me, I remember!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good Grief! 6 Month Milestones!

A lot has happened since my last post, apologies for being so late! I'll update you on what has been happening in Noah's world and then post a whoooooole bunch of photos for you :)

New Things Noah Likes:

1. The pool. Noah loves water. He got to try the real pool out last weekend for the first time when we went to his Grandma G and Pop John's house for Father's Day. He LOVED it. Jake kicked his legs for him and he laughed and laughed. He also has been having a really fun time in our back yard with his friend Izaak on a sprinkle mat. These days have been very hot so playing in the water has been a great way to stay comfortable. I hope we can get him to the beach so he can be in the waves this summer as well. I can't wait to get him swim lessons because I think he is really going to take to it. Maybe next year.

2. Eating solids, but it's HIS way or the highway. Noah has been grabbing at our food so I thought he might be getting more interested in solids but he hates when we try to feed him. I heard about something called a mesh feeder from some mom friends so I thought I would try it out. SUCCESS! I fill the mesh bag with a frozen cube of puree, at the moment we are stocked with sweet potato, avocado and banana. Then he holds onto one end and chomps on the mesh bag. The cold helps his teething, swollen gums and as it melts it seeps out the mesh and he eats it! The first time he had 1 oz. of sweet potato and 1 oz avocado and the next morning he had 2 oz banana for breakfast! It is messy but it works!

3. Speaking of eating on his own, Noah now likes cups. He thinks he can drink from them but then when the water hits his lips, he dribbles it out.

4. Sitting up. He has reached the major milestone of being able to sit up on his own. In fact, just today he is moving from sitting up to tripoding and getting up on his knees and rocking. I can tell that crawling is just around the corner. good thing we got around to putting up the baby gate this weekend!

5. Swings! Today we went swinging in the park for the first time!

6. Photo shoots. Noah is a little ham. He loves to take pictures. We took 6 month pics and then today took pics in his Charlie Brown onesie with his Snoopy. So cute!

Everyday is more exciting and challenging than the next. These past 6 months have been the most amazing, eye opening, challenging and frustrating that I have ever experienced. There have been some tough days but even those days end with a smile on my face. All I need to feel better after a bad day is to see Noah smile at me and give me a hug when I pick him up at daycare. He is really breath taking and I am so lucky.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Like a Fish to Water

Over Memorial Day Noah tried the kiddie pool for the first time. He LOVED it. He loves bath time but he really enjoyed being in the kiddie pool.

Other Memorial Day activities included looking at chickens and taking cute pictures with Mommy!


Noah tried bananas for the first time and had a very strong reaction.