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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Noah's 2nd but Kinda 1st Holiday Season!

It is the holiday season and even though technically Noah already had his first Christmas but really he was only one week old. Does that even count? This year will be totally different. TOTALLY.  And I am excited about it.

We took Noah to pick out our Christmas tree at a local farm. I found one I thought I liked so I was examining it and asked for Noah’s approval. He ignored me and grabbed the one next to him. We tried to show him the tree we were looking at and he kept reaching for the one he was fixated on. Upon further examination- he was right. The tree he liked was the perfect tree! Just tall enough, just full enough with no bald spots. It is a lovely tree! Good job buddy J

We had little photo shoot in front of our beautiful tree. Amazing photos by Marie Abdou! 

We have also started celebrating Hanukkah in our house. Noah has his own menorah from his Grandma G. Each night we light the adult menorah and then help Noah put a candle in his menorah. We have also been reading him books about Hanukkah.

Our book collection has also grown to include lots of Christmas books as well. My favorite is Dinosaur vs. Santa. Noah likes it too but he keeps trying to rip the pages so we have to be careful. He is into ripping things, whether it is book pages or wrapping paper or mail or Mommy’s magazines, it doesn't matter. I am looking forward to seeing how much fun he has opening presents. of course, the paper and the boxes will probably be more fun for him than the gifts!

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